Solar Power Changes for Australia

Solar Electricity and Power supply is a hot topic at the moment in Australia chiefly because of the solar power subsidies changes happening, especially in the form of small scale technology certificates.

Small scale technology certificates are essentially a rebate for a consumer who invests in installing a solar panels power system in Frankston or any other Australian location. The lastest issue raising it’s head is the new coalition government’s seemingly waivering ongoing support for renewable energy initiatives, and thus creating a wave of hesitation throughout the community for investing money into renewable power systems without the rebate benefits.

This on top of the feed in power rates (basically what the power companies reimburse private citizens for feeding the solar power they generate back into the power grid) has the potential of stalling the take up of the changing to green or carbon free energy generation. This will be a real shame to stall in it’s tracks the obvious and long lasting benefits of the environmental benefits for generations to come.


It is hard to understand the motivation of the current government to cut these sustainability initiatives as it is so obvious for the benefit of the population, as well as the huge opportunities that Australia could benefit from by being leaders in the new industry. This is especially so with the latest huge cuts and loss in the traditional manufacturing sectors in Australia. It will be very interesting to see how this situation develops over the next 12 months.

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

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Evacuated tube solar power systems in Ballarat are based on a series of glass tubes that capture the sun’s solar energy and heat the water stored in a holding tank. The evacuated tube consists of a set of two glass tubes made from very strong borosilicate glass. The outer tube is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection and the circular construction of the tube ensures the maximum capture of the sun’s rays as it moves from horizon to horizon during the day. The inner tube is coated with a coating (Al-N/Al) that allows for extremely efficient solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection. There is a vacuum between the two tubes which allows the evacuated glass tube to perform extremely well in regards to an almost total elimination of convection and conduction losses from the tube.

Solar PV Panels are also constructed using similar techniques to the above to provide robustness and long life for the panel installation.

So in conclusion it is very easy and a good idea to Save With Solar

Evacuated tubes also are very good for installations that experience severe weather conditions such as frost and ice due to their superior strength characteristics.

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